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Finding The Right Statement Necklace: It's Not Just The Pattern You Need To Look At

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Statement necklaces are definitely eye-catching, and the right statement necklace matched with the right clothing makes you and your outfit shine. But it's not just the pattern of the necklace that you need to look at. Certainly, you want a statement necklace that you like. Because these necklaces are so prominent, though, you have to treat them as a major contributor to the outfit and not just an accessory.

Color Coordination

Ensuring the color of the necklace doesn't clash with your outfit is more important with a large statement necklace because people are really going to see the contrast. With a regular necklace, where you have maybe a charm or two plus a chain, it's easier to hide clashing colors or to overlook them because the necklace is so small.

The statement necklace's colors don't have to totally match your clothing; they just have to avoid clashing with it. If you're wearing a lot of dark blue, for example, a bright orange statement necklace is going to pop out in a bad way. However, silver could be a nice color for the necklace.

To Follow the Neckline or Not

Another issue with statement necklaces is that they interact with necklines a whole lot more than your average chain. Many form a pseudo-V neckline or scoop neckline, and you can match those to your shirts and blouses. You can also wear either under button-down necklines, and even over a few turtlenecks. However, watch out for the pattern on those shirts. If you have a high neckline that is itself very decorative, like lace, a statement necklace wouldn't really fit in with that. (Plus, the necklace would cover up that lovely lace!)

Lint, Threads, and Other Messy Considerations

Not only are statement necklaces eye-catching, they can be thread-catching. The multitude of jump rings, connectors, wires, and loops can snag on clothing that  has a lot of pilling, frayed edges, and fuzz. If the necklace is going to rest over or right next to cloth, test out the combination before venturing outside. Twist around a bit in front of a mirror to see if the statement necklace starts dragging bits of lint with it as it moves.

Most jewelry departments and stores, as well as online sellers, now have sections devoted to statement necklaces. Enjoy browsing the styles and finding a few that will work with several of your outfits. These are gorgeous pieces that are made to last.