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3 Tips To Help You Sell Your Gold Jewelry For Cash

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Many people have gold jewelry that they do not wear. In some cases, gold jewelry may be inherited, while in other cases, people may have numerous pieces of gold jewelry that that they just don't have any need for. If you are in this type of situation, you may be interested in selling your gold jewelry for cash. There are many companies that offer cash for gold, but it is important to be prepared before you sell your jewelry. Use the following tips to help you sell your extra gold jewelry for cash.

Have Your Jewelry Appraised

In some cases, gold jewelry may have a high worth based on its designer, style, limited edition nature. Before you sell your gold jewelry for cash, it is always a good idea to have it appraised first by an independent jeweler. Depending on what you learn from the appraisal, you can determine if you want to sell your gold jewelry in tact to a collector or opt to work with a cash for gold company. Understanding what type of jewelry you have can help ensure that you make the right decision about how to sell it.

Know the Price of Gold

If you decide that selling your jewelry to a cash for gold company, it is very important to know what the value of gold is. The value of gold can fluctuate, so you should find out the current value of gold by doing research online and relying on information provided by reputable websites. Once you know the current value of gold, you can begin contacting different companies that offer cash for gold. Each company will pay its own rate, so having a clear idea of what gold is worth will help you choose a company that offers a fair price.

Separate Your Jewelry

It is never a good idea to sell your gold jewelry for cash without separating it first. The amount your gold jewelry is worth will depend on the karat value of each piece. When you take the time to separate your gold jewelry, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your getting the most money possible for your gold jewelry. If you do not separate your gold jewelry before selling it, your jewelry will most likely be weighed and then you will be paid a flat rate for the lowest karat value. 

For more information about how to get cash for gold, contact a local gold buyer.