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Increase Your Confidence About Buying A Diamond By Insisting On These Things From The Seller

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Buying a piece of jewelry that features a diamond is one of the biggest investments that you'll make in life. As such, this isn't a purchase that you want to rush into. Whether you're buying an engagement ring to give to your future spouse or you're treating yourself to a pair of sparkly earrings, you should pledge to only shop with a reputable diamond dealer who can make you feel confident about what you're buying. While cut-rate vendors, including many online, may boast about enticing deals, a reputable diamond dealer will be able to promise you these things when you make your purchase.

The Diamond's History

In an era in which many people know the ethical concerns about buying so-called "conflict diamonds," you likely want to know where your diamond came from and how it was mined. Unscrupulous online diamond sellers may fabricate a story to tell you, but only a reputable dealer will actually be able to provide you with documentation that meticulously outlines the diamond's history. This document will be able to tell you where the diamond was mined and show certification that it was mined using safe and ethical practices, as well as give you a full history of the production of the jewelry that features the diamond in question.

Microscopic Inscribing

Any diamond that you buy from a reputable diamond dealer should have microscopic inscribing. This tiny serial number if characteristically placed along the girdle of the diamond and cannot typically be seen with the naked eye. However, the dealer will be able to show you that the inscription exists with the help of a high-powered microscope. This information is valuable because it allows you to match the diamond to your official documentation to prove that the diamond in your hand is indeed the one that the company says it is. Additionally, if your diamond were ever to be stolen, the microscopic inscribing would allow authorities to identify it.

Lifetime Repairs

Although you don't want to think about your diamond jewelry ever needing work, it's possible that it may require a repair job in the future. Many reputable diamond dealers will provide any future repair work on the diamond jewelry that you buy at no cost to you. This means that if one of the claws that holds the diamond comes loose, for example, it will be repaired for free. Cut-rate sellers are unlikely to offer such an enticing service.