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How To Create Handmade Jewelry To Use As Christmas Gifts

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Are you already making plans for the Christmas holidays? Perhaps you have included making your own jewelry to use as Christmas gifts. If that is the case, from purchasing beads to selecting rhinestones that are sold online, here are some ideas on how to be ready ahead of time:

Start With A Written List - Before you even start shopping for supplies, write down of all of those who will be recipients of your handcrafted jewelry.

  • Besides including people like family members and close friends on your list, don't forget people like the gals in your reading club, your children's teachers and your beautician. 
  • Remember that you can make jewelry for the men in your life, too. For example, a handsome tie tack with a single birthstone rhinestone in it would be a very appropriate gift for a man.
  • Are there children on your list, too? Rhinestone pins for little girls would be a sweet gift. Go with the tie tacks for the little guys, too.

Rhinestones For Special Gifts - Besides the pretty jewelry you can make using beads and rhinestones, think of unique items that you can make for those on your list who will be receiving a larger gift:

  • For example, create a Christmas tree using rhinestones. Draw the shape of the Christmas tree on a painted piece of thin wood. Glue a variety of rhinestones in different shapes and sizes within the Christmas tree shape and you'll end up with an amazing gift. Consider putting the piece in a golf frame to make it even more special.
  • Do any of the recipients on your Big Gift list loves animals? If so, think of what you could do with rhinestones when you follow the same plan that you would for the Christmas tree. 
  • For example, to create a black Scotty dog, select black rhinestones for the body and then finish the piece with a red rhinestone collar.

Think of using rhinestones to make your own Christmas cards, too. Or, if you buy your Christmas cards, embellish them with rhinestones. For example, if you have a snowman design on the front of your card, put a red or green rhinestone on the snowman's top hat. If you have selected a religious card with Baby Jesus as part of the design, think of giving Him a halo of tiny yellow rhinestones. Order rhinestones online so that you can find a great price for them. The added benefit is that the rhinestones you order online will come straight to your front door. 

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