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Purchase Anniversary Rings Prior To A Vow Renewal Ceremony

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If you and your husband tied the knot during a lavish beachside ceremony several years ago and now you would like to head back to the original location on your wedding anniversary and renew your vows in a much more intimate ceremony compared to the original one, purchase matching anniversary rings to celebrate the occasion.

Shop Together For The Rings

Shopping for rings should not be a stressful occasion and you and your spouse should be open minded concerning what each person prefers. Before heading to a jeweler, discuss the financial aspect associated with the renewal of your vows.

Since the ceremony is going to be intimate, perhaps you and your partner can agree not to splurge on the most expensive rings out there and focus solely on selecting a style that symbolizes the love you have for one another. The main purpose of the renewal of your vows is to demonstrate your loyalty and celebrate the fact that you both are in love after all of the years that have already been spent together.

With a budget in mind, allow each other to point out rings that are preferred. A monogram, date, or short quote can be engraved in the band of each ring to make the rings sentimental and designed especially for the two of you.

Acquire A Best Man And Maid Of Honor

Let a couple of your best friends know about the upcoming event and ask them if they would serve as the best man and maid of honor during the ceremony. Before the ceremony is to begin, give the rings to the best man.

After the facilitator of the event has requested the rings to be handed over, the best man can hand the rings to you and your spouse so that you can slip the bands on each other's fingers. The rings can be worn alongside the original wedding bands or you and your husband can wear them on your ring fingers on the opposite hands that the wedding bands are worn on.

Have Photographs Taken Of Your Hands Joined

Even though you haven't invited a slew of people to join you and your husband during the renewal ceremony, you can still alert everyone to the special occasion by hiring a photographer and requesting that he/she takes several pictures of you and your partner's hands as they are joined together.

After the pictures are developed and you have had a chance to look at them, pick your favorite shots and have copies of them made. Place the pictures inside of greeting cards and mail them to your friends and families to announce the fact that you and your spouse went ahead and renewed your vows.