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Are You Getting Engaged?

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Have you met the woman of your dreams? Maybe you have known her since your childhood days or since you were in high school together. Whatever the story behind your romance, if you are about to ask your sweetheart to marry you, you are probably both excited and a bit nervous. After all, you want the proposal to be a special one that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. And, you want the engagement ring you give her to be the perfect one for your fiancé, right? From arranging for diamond cutting services to choosing the right wedding band, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Engagement Ring - If your fiancé has already shown you rings that she loves while you've been window shopping, you don't need any ring advice. However, if you haven't even talked with your fiancé about getting engaged, you have the luxury of selecting the engagement ring design yourself. In fact, a diamond cutting service can even create the exact diamond for the design you create by yourself or with a professional jewelry designer. 

You're going to be spending money on the ring anyway, so you might as well have the exact diamond for the setting you want for the engagement ring. For example, if you want a heart-shaped diamond, a diamond cutter can do that for you. Maybe you want a pear-shaped diamond with smaller diamonds on each side of the main one. A diamond cutting service can do that, too.

The Wedding Ring - Consider the wedding ring you want for your sweetheart, too. Obviously, you want one that will complement the engagement ring you will be giving to your fiancé. And, you also may want a very unique one. For example, if you chose a heart-shaped diamond, the V-shape at the bottom could interconnect with the wedding band, Think of having the diamond cutter create a leaf design for the wedding ring, with the V-shape part of the heart going right between two of the leaves.

You might even decide to include your sweetheart's birthstone as part of the design of the wedding ring. For example, if you selected the leaf design, the diamond cutter can create leaf shaped diamonds and leaf-shaped birthstones that will be used alternately in the design of the wedding ring. If your fiancé's birthday is in May, for instance, the wedding ring could have emeralds as part of the design.