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Jewelry Can Help You Accentuate Your Physical Features

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If you want to spruce up your look and you have never really been the type of person to wear jewelry, then you may want to start considering it. There are many different types of jewelry and different things they are good at when it comes to helping you to accentuate one of your features, or even to distract from a feature that you aren't happy with. Here are some of the different types of jewelry that can help you to accentuate features and types that can help you to hide other features that you may not be happy with.


You can help your short fingers to look longer with certain rings and you can help your very long fingers to look shorter with other types of rings. If you have very short and kind of stubby fingers, then you can wear thin rings. The rings can be made of solid metal, or they can even have gemstones in them. The important thing will be that they are thin, and this helps to lengthen the appearance of your fingers. If you have very long and skinny fingers, then you can help to distract from them by wearing thicker rings, which helps your fingers look shorter than they normally would.


Necklaces can also be very important when it comes to helping you to take control of your appearance by helping your neck look longer or shorter. For example, if you have a short or wide neck, then you can wear a medium- to long-length necklace to help pull the focus off your neck. However, if you wear a short necklace, this will call more attention to your neck, which you won't want to do if it is already thick or short. If you have a very long neck and you wish it was a bit shorter, then this is the time when you would want to wear a shorter necklace and even a thicker one would be your best bet.


Earrings can really help you to make your ears look a certain way. Many people are self-conscious about the way their ears look, and if this sounds like you, then you want to learn how different types of earrings can help you. If you have long or big ears that you wish looked smaller, then you can wear small earrings, like diamond studs or short decorative earrings. If you have very short or little ears, then you may want to wear longer earrings that will help you to give the appearance that your ears are also longer.