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Buying Pieces Of Antique Jewelry

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There are many individuals that may enjoy the aesthetics of pieces of antique jewelry. However, they may not be fully aware of the considerations that buying pieces of antique jewelry will require of them.

Check The Condition Of The Jewelry

One of the most important things to consider when buying antique jewelry will be the condition of the particular piece. It can be common for jewelry to suffer extreme wear over the years, and this can degrade its appearance and structural integrity. If you are planning on wearing the jewelry item, you will need to be particularly mindful of this as jewelry with excessive wear may be more prone to suffering damage from regular use. In addition to checking the area around the jewel or gemstone, you should also check any clasps or other components that will have to support weight. When a piece of jewelry is sufficiently worn to benefit from minor repairs or restoration work, you should avoid doing this yourself as it can be easy to damage or otherwise destroy its value with improper repairs.

Determine Whether It Has Documentation

Much of the value that can come from an antique piece of jewelry will be due to the history that it may have. As a result, it is common for pieces of antique jewelry to be sold with documentation that verifies their authenticity. While there are genuine pieces of antique jewelry that do not have documentation, it can be more difficult to verify that these items are what they are claimed to be. If you are interested in purchasing these items as collectibles, it can be extremely important to obtain this documentation. Otherwise, you may have difficulty proving the piece to prospective buyers, appraisers or other individuals that may have an interest in the piece.

Consider Having The Jewelry Items Appraised

After buying a piece of antique jewelry, it can be worthwhile to have it professionally appraised. These services will help you to ensure the veracity of the piece of jewelry, and they will also allow you to learn the estimated value for the specific piece. The costs of using a professional appraisal service will be minimal compared to the value of this knowledge. In some instances, individuals may be pleasantly surprised to learn that their piece of jewelry is worth far more than what they paid for it. Furthermore, these services can usually complete their appraisal of specific pieces of jewelry within a matter of days. This will limit the time that you will have to be without your newest addition to your antique jewelry collection.