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Kids Heading Back To School? 3 Faith-Based Items To Send Them With

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If you've got kids who will be heading off to school soon, you want to make sure that they're prepared. While you're busy purchasing their paper, pencils, and backpacks, don't forget to pick up a few other supplies – items that will help remind them who they are throughout the day. It can be difficult for kids to hold onto their Christian values when they're in school, especially where public schools are concerned. Luckily, there are some things you can give your kids that will help them stay focused. Here are several ideas to get you started.


If your kids are heading off to school, dress up their apparel with a few pieces of Christian jewelry. Jewelry is the perfect way to help remind your kids of who they are. You don't have to go overboard either. Most Christian jewelry is simple in design, so your kids can wear it with all their outfits - including school uniforms. Not only that, but this jewelry will provide the Christian-based inspiration that will keep your kids going while they're at school. There's a wide variety of jewelry items you can choose from that focus on the Christian faith. Some of those jewelry items include Christian rings, bracelets, and necklaces. If your kids wear ties to school, consider a religious-based tie clip.

Personalized Bible

If you want to keep your kids on the right path during school, send them with a personalized bible. You might not realize this, but your child can bring a bible to school. Teachers may ask your kids to keep their bible off the desk during times of instruction or to wait for free time, such as lunch or recess, before reading it. However, your kids can read their own bible during school. Providing your child with a bible to read during school will help them stay focused on their faith.

Other Faith-Based Books

If your kids like to have other good books to read during their free time at school, provide them with other faith-based books. Books of spiritually-uplifting quotes and inspirational stories provide your kids with the perfect opportunity to sit quietly during their free time. Not only that, but these books can provide your kids with insight into ways that they can inspire others while they're at school.

Now that the new school year is about to begin, make sure your kids are ready to go back. While you're stocking them up on all the supplies they'll need for their education, pick up a few of the items listed above. These items will care for your kids' spiritual needs while they're at school.