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3 Tips For Accessorizing Outfits With Jewelry

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From hats and bags to shoes and scarves, there are many ways to accessorize your outfit. Many people consider jewelry to be one of the most important accessories. Of course, the different types of jewelry and the various styles available can make choosing pieces a bit overwhelming. These tips will help you choose the right jewelry pieces from a company like Nagi Jewelers for your outfits.

Focus on the Occasion

One of the most important tips to follow when choosing jewelry for your outfit is to focus more on the occasion than your clothing pieces. Even the most casual tops and bottoms can be dressed up for a more formal event, so focus on the occasion more than just what you are wearing.

For example, a sparkling statement necklace can turn an ordinary T-shirt into an extraordinary outfit. Chandelier earrings with a sleeveless blouse can dress up even the most casual look.

Simple diamond studs, a diamond pendant necklace, and a matching diamond bracelet can also be used to dress up a simple outfit for a nicer, more elegant occasion.

Avoid Busy Patterns and Busy Jewelry

Another tip to remember when coordinating jewelry with your outfit is to avoid wearing both clothes with busy patterns and busy jewelry pieces. Think opposites when selecting your pieces.

Tone down a bright, patterned top or dress with simple earrings and a bracelet. Stud earrings and a simple metal bracelet should be sufficient.

If you want to wear an elaborate statement necklace or dangling earrings that are colorful and vibrant, choose a top or dress in a solid, muted color, which will allow your jewelry pieces to stand out.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Even though you are accessorizing your outfit, your skin matters, too.

When selecting a metal that works with your skin tone, figure out if your skin is cool or warm. Silver, platinum, and white gold work well with cooler skin tones. For warmer skin tones, consider gold jewelry pieces.

There are many types of colorful gemstones that can be incorporated into your jewelry pieces, too, but not all will work with your skin tones. Reds and purples look great against cooler skin tones while greens, yellows, and orange stones will look better against warmer skin tones.

The possibilities are endless when selecting the right jewelry pieces to accessorize your overall look. These tips will help you get started choosing jewelry for your outfit, style, and skin.