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Hire A Jeweler To Create A Custom Locket

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Many people love wearing lockets on necklaces as a way to keep the thought of someone close to their heart. For example, you might want a locket that contains a photo of your children, an elderly family member who is ill, or even a pet. If you've shopped for a locket and haven't been able to find one that suits you, you may wish to hire a jeweler to create a custom piece that meets your specifications. You'll enjoy sitting down with the jeweler to explain exactly what you're looking for in your locket. Here are some points that you'll want to go over regarding custom jewelry.

Size And Shape

You'll want to specify the exact size and shape that you want your locket to be. While lockets are available in stores in several sizes and shapes, you may want a design that you haven't been able to find. For example, though rectangular and oval-shaped lockets are common, perhaps you want something that is a different shape, such as a diamond or an octagon. One way to share your wishes with your custom jeweler is to sketch out a locket on a piece of paper in the exact size and shape that you want.

Door Style

Opening the door to your custom locket will reveal the photo of your loved one. As such, you'll need to specify how you want the door to open. It's common for lockets to be hinged, but there are all sorts of considerations to discuss. For example, you'll need to decide what side you want the hinge on. Additionally, while some lockets have a single door that opens, it's also possible for this piece of jewelry to have two doors. If you don't favor a hinged door, talk to your jeweler about the piece having a door that slides open.


Your custom jeweler can present you with numerous material options for your locket. Your budget will partially dictate what material you choose, but it's important to think about what looks good with your skin tone. Additionally, you'll want to consider what chain you'll use with the locket. If you have an existing chain that is special to you and you plan to affix the locket to it, you'll want the locket made out of a material that matches the chain. If you don't have a chain, you can browse for the right one at the jewelry store and have the jeweler create your locket to match it.