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Gold Can Still Be A Good Choice For A Diamond Ring Setting

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Years ago, if you bought a diamond ring, it almost always came in a gold setting. This setting might be simple or it might be ornate, but it was almost always made from gold. This is no longer the case. These days, you can buy diamond rings in all different types of settings, from sterling silver to platinum. Does that mean gold is irrelevant as a diamond ring setting? Not at all! There are still some times when gold is a great choice — maybe even the great choice — for a diamond ring.

You Want a Classic Look

Some people love the look of classic jewelry. Maybe you're going for an Old Hollywood theme, or perhaps you want to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe. There's no better choice for your ring setting than gold. You can look for ring settings with lots of embellishment. One with detailed prongs over the diamond, some intricate carvings on the band, and a bit of a thicker band will look classic and elegant.

You Have Olive Skin

If you (or the person you're buying the ring for) have skin with olive undertones, then gold can be a perfect choice for a ring setting. Diamonds themselves tend to be a little light in comparison to olive skin and can make the skin look a little washed out. However, surrounding the diamond with gold will help enhance its appearance. The gold has similar undertones to olive skin, and the two only make each other more attractive and balanced. 

You Want a Ring That Holds Value

Now, there are plenty of ring-setting metals that are likely to hold their value, such as platinum and sterling silver. But gold has a long history of holding its value, which makes a lot of people feel more assured when buying it. If you're looking at your ring as both an investment and an accessory, then gold is a good choice.

You Want a Ring That Can Easily Be Reshaped

Gold is a relatively soft metal, which means it is relatively easy to melt down and reshape. Some jewelers can do this with gold, but not with other metals. So, if you think you may one day want to melt down your ring and have it reshaped, gold is a good choice.

Gold is no longer your only option when choosing a setting for a diamond ring, but it remains a good choice for many.

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