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Random Ways To Find Extra Gold In Your Attic

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If you sell gold, you have an easy opportunity to make some extra cash. Besides some obvious places in your home, you may have to do a little extra searching to find more gold. A focus on the attic can provide a large collection of gold and some extra money when you visit a gold buyer. 

Check out some of the specific areas to focus on in the attic as you search for some extra gold to sell.

Family Jewelry Boxes

A family jewelry box provides one of the more obvious locations where you will find gold. Look for jewelry boxes that came from other family members or you have packed away for several years. Separate the gold pieces from other pieces. Use a flashlight to examine the pieces and look for any classification of the gold, including the karat.

A gold buyer will purchase any form of gold jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Old Keys

If you own an older home, then you should search the attic for any older keys used with the home. Some older keys were crafted with solid gold for durability. Cash in on those keys and make some extra money. Chances are, any doors or other areas where the keys were used were most likely replaced over time.

Christmas Boxes 

The old Christmas storage you have could include a lot of hidden presents in the form of gold. One example includes antique ornaments. You may have gold ornaments or collectible gold Christmas decor. Even if the decor is not all gold, a gold buyer may purchase the gold elements from an ornament or other decoration.

Also, look for some older Christmas gifts you may have tucked away. For example, you may own collectible gold Christmas coins. Minted coins may include holiday themes like Santa Claus or reindeer. The solid gold coins can gain you a lot of money and provide one of the easiest ways to make extra cash on gold.

Hidden Gold

An older home could come with some extra surprises you never expected. Before safes were modernized, people often used hidden places in a home to hide gold. Look in crevices or loose boards to see if you can find hidden gold coins or gold bars. The search is worth it, especially if you find at least one piece of gold.

Set some time aside to do a deep search in your attic and see what types of gold you can come up with.

Contact a local gold buyer to learn more.