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Decide How You Want A Custom Bar Necklace To Look

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Ordering a custom necklace can be a fun process that gives you a unique piece of jewelry that you're excited to wear as often as you'd like. While there are all sorts of different designs that you can choose for a custom necklace, one option to consider is a bar necklace. A lot of people love the simplicity of this type of jewelry, and while you can buy bar necklaces at many jewelry stores, having a jeweler create a custom piece for you will ensure that this necklace looks exactly the way you want it. Here are some things to think about when you're evaluating the design of this custom piece. 

Bar Direction

Perhaps before anything else, you'll need to think about what direction you want your bar necklace to have. Some people like bar necklaces with the bar hanging vertically, while others like the look of a horizontal bar. Each direction has its advantages. You may wish to consider your body type. If you have wider shoulders, you might find that a vertical bar can be a good choice because it won't make your shoulders look wider—similar to how you likely favor shirts with vertical stripes over horizontal stripes.

Bar Thickness

The thickness of the bar is also something to consider. You might like the idea of the bar being relatively flat so that it sits snugly against your skin. For example, if the bar is a few millimeters wide, you might want it just a millimeter thick to offer a thin look. Another option is to have the bar thicker. In this scenario, a bar that is the same thickness and width will offer a bulky look that you might enjoy because it stands out a little more.

Bar Engraving

While there's nothing wrong with a plain bar, a lot of people take advantage of the flat surface of this piece of jewelry to have it engraved. You'll need to think about what side of the bar you want to be engraved. If you want one or more words that you don't want people to see, your jeweler can engrave them on the side of the bar that will face your body. Alternatively, you can choose one or more words for the side of the bar that faces outward. If you choose a thick bar, one idea is to have a word engraved on each of the four faces of the bar.

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