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3 Options For Picking Out An Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

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If you have decided that you would like to propose to your girlfriend, this is a super exciting time in your life. You likely want everything to be perfect when you propose, and a big part of this is to purchase an engagement ring. This ring generally means a lot to most women, so you want to make sure that it is special. When it comes to actually picking out the ring, you have a few different options. The key is to do what your girlfriend would appreciate the most and what would make her feel the most pleased with the wedding ring. This article will discuss 3 options for picking out an engagement ring for your girlfriend. 

Bring Your Girlfriend Along With You

One great option that you have is to actually bring your girlfriend along with you. If she is aware that you plan on proposing to her, then this won't be any big deal because it won't be a secret. You don't necessarily have to have her there when you make the actual purchase, but you can bring her to the jewelry store to try on different kinds of rings and tell you the ones that she likes. This gives you a pretty good idea of what ring you should buy for her and takes a lot of stress of off you, in terms of picking out the right one. As an added bonus, it also ensure that you get the right size of wedding ring because her finger will be measured while she is there.

Get An Idea Of What She Likes

If you are nervous that your girlfriend won't like the ring that you pick out for her, but you don't want her to see it before you purchase it, then you can simply have her tell you what she likes. She can tell you the size and cut of diamond that she likes, if she prefers a silver or a gold band, if she wants halo diamonds or diamonds on the band, etc. All of this information will help you to visualize what she likes, while at the same time still giving you some creative freedom to add your own style to her engagement ring.

Design The Ring Yourself

If you are feeling very brave and have some awesome ideas floating around in your head, then you should consider designing the ring yourself. This makes the ring extra special and your girlfriend will always know that you took the time to create a wedding ring just for her. Just keep in mind that a ring designed from scratch is going to take a bit longer for you to make.